What We Do

Peak Water Consulting is fully committed to the provision of professional services of the highest quality and we are constantly aware of the need to use water efficiently and effectively.

Effective and efficient management of water in today’s world involves multiple internal and external stakeholders including for example, facility managers, sustainability officers, field users, community groups, on-ground staff, water authorities as well as project and asset managers just to name a few.  The practical experience of the staff at Peak Water Consulting in delivering programs and projects on the ground means we understand the challenges and we are accustomed to managing the multiple internal and external stakeholders that are crucial for success.

The staff at Peak Water Consulting also have the experience and expertise to strategically navigate the multiple challenges faced in delivering water programs and projects.

Efficient and effective water use is not a simple undertaking, especially in irrigation and sports turf. A holistic and sustainable approach requires an understanding of multiple scientific, economic, financial, legal, policy, engineering and social disciplines and their interactions, including for example: hydraulics, soil science, turf, economics, finance, chemistry, physics, biology, asset management, procurement and compliance.

Our technical knowledge enables us to work with you to identify and strategically implement the appropriate options to get the required outcomes for service delivery, sustainability, amenity, as well as capital and operating budgets.

Our services include:

  • Sports field design, including soils, turf, irrigation and drainage design
  • Development and implementation of holistic renovation and soil amendment programs for sports fields;
  • Irrigation system assessments that optimise water use and efficiency;
  • Project management of irrigation system installations and major sports field renovations
  • Development, delivery and review of water efficiency programs and projects;
  • Selection, implementation, monitoring and operation of central irrigation control systems;
  • Advice and preparation of business cases (including budget requests) for funding;
  • Grant support – assistance in submitting, delivering and acquitting of grant applications and projects,
  • Smart metering and monitoring programs and data analysis
  • Strategic reviews and development of water resource plans and strategies.

Additional information on Paul’s experience in these areas can be found here.