Central Irrigation Control

Central irrigation control systems offer the potential for substantial labour, water and cost savings. However, these systems are not a small investment. Furthermore, the more advanced control systems require the operator to have a strong knowledge base. Selecting the wrong central control system can be costly and difficult mistake to rectify.

Paul was responsible for the implementation of Lake Macquarie City Council’s central irrigation control system. This included:

  • Background research on the available systems, their advantages and limitations;
  • Stock-take of existing controllers and their compatibility with central irrigation control systems;
  • Extensive consultation with stakeholders (internal and external) to identify needs and requirements;
  • Preparation of a business case for funding;
  • Selection of a preferred system;
  • Procurement of services for system installation;
  • Establishment and troubleshooting for the system;
  • Establishment and refinement of weather based irrigation (ET watering programs)
  • Irrigation controller with GPRS communications module to central irrigation control system